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design your shed online NOW Terms and Conditions of Sale
Throughout these terms and conditions "Shedsales" means " Pty Limited" and "you" or "the customer" refers to the person or entity stated above or in the case of a business or company an authorised representative of that business or company.
Upon payment in accordance with the payment terms Shedsales agrees to supply a shed kit with engineering certification for the wind region, terrain category and soil conditions selected by the customer and specified in the quote.
Shedsales is providing a shed kit only. The erection of the shed is the responsibility of you, the customer and any contractor you may appoint.
You have satisfied yourself in respect of the suitability of the shed having regard to the wind region, terrain category and soil conditions you have selected for your shed kit.
You have or will obtain local government approvals in respect of the erection of the shed.
You will inspect the shed kit upon delivery of the shed kit. Any claim in respect of the shed will be made within seven (7) days of the delivery of the shed.
Shedsales or its suppliers will not be liable for any claim arising from faulty workmanship or materials due to or caused by you or any other person or Company engaged by you, the Customer, to perform work or supply materials in connection with the building.
You will indemnify shedsales and its suppliers of any action whatsoever by any person in respect of the shed.
It is the responsibility of the customer or a representative of the customer to be on site at the time to take delivery of the shed kit.
If heavy vehicle access to the site is not available, the delivery will be made to the nearest practicable delivery point deemed by the driver to be accessible.
Delivery dates are estimates only and are as advised by our suppliers. Delays can occur for various reasons including steel shortages and manufacturing delays. Shedsales will not accept any claims for delivery date variations.
These terms and conditions are all the terms and conditions of the agreement as agreed between shedsales and the customer.
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