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Our refund policy is designed to take into consideration the needs of both the customer and
Deposit Payment
We act on your order once we receive your deposit payment. At this point, your shed documentation package (including certified engineering drawings) is prepared and physically mailed to you.
Changing your design after deposit payment
If you change the design of the shed you wish to order, the maximum additional costs you would incur are the engineering fees and documentation preparation costs. In most cases, the amount would be significantly less than this. Naturally it is dependant on how significant the changes are. In some cases there may be no additional charges.
Cancelling your order after deposit payment
You will be entitled to a refund of the deposit less any costs that have been incurred. These costs are engineering fees and documentation package preparation costs.
Final Payment
Manufacturing commences on your order and the suppliers are paid once we receive your final payment. Your shed kit is custom made for you to your specifications.
Changing your design after final payment
It is very difficult to change your order once it has entered the manufacturing stage. You will need to discuss your requirements with one of our customer service representatives.
Cancelling your order after final payment
We have never had a cancelled order. However, should this occur you will only be entitled to a refund to the extent that we can obtain a refund from our suppliers - less any other costs we incur in doing so. Generally, there will be no refund available, as the materials in the shed kit are custom made and cut to length specifically for your order. However, because the shed is in kit form, it is a saleable item. To recoup your money you could easily sell the kit on ebay.
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