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Welcome to shedsales
design your shed online NOW
The ordering process is completely transparent and very easy. Most importantly, it gives you access to information regarding the progress of your order at any time - and in the comfort of your own home.
It is important for you to understand that your right to privacy and data security is of primary concern to us. At no stage does store your bank account details or credit card details. We use SSL encryption (the same encryption used by banks for online banking), to protect all information about you. Read more...
Before beginning the ordering process, we encourage you to read our refund policy.
complete the online order forms
Once you have a shed design and quote that satifies your requirements, on the my orders and quotes page click the Order Now... button.
You will need to:
  • enter your contact details, including delivery address, mailing address and phone number
  • agree to the price and terms and conditions of sale
  • nominate your intended method of payment of the deposit
An order confirmation email will be sent to you.
pay the deposit does not act on your order until the deposit payment has been received.
When you pay your deposit you may choose your method of payment.
  • Pay online via our secure Internet payment gateway
  • Direct deposit to bank account
  • Over the phone credit card - if you feel uncomfortable with entering your credit card details online
  • Mail a personal cheque
  • Mail a bank cheque
A deposit receipt email will be sent to you.
We encourage you to communicate with us during this process regarding questions or issues you may have. For your records and ours, we've provided an efficient way for you to do this. On the orders and quotes page, click order detail... and click send a memo...
receive your engineering drawings and printed documentation
Within 10 working days you should have received the printed documentation package. One of the documents is a sale contract that you must sign and return to Other documents include certified engineering drawings for construction and footings, an installation guide and other general information that will assist in the planning of your project.
This information will enable you:
  • lodge a development application (if you need to)
  • obtain quotes for excavation and concreting
  • obtain quotes for full intstallation (if you are not erecting the shed yourself)
make final decision on colour choices
Make sure you are satisfied with your colour scheme before you make your final payment. Up to this point you can still change the colour choices (if you have selected a Colorbond® shed). To do this, on the orders and quotes page, click order detail... and click colour selection...
make your final payment
You may make your final payment by:
  • Direct deposit to bank account
  • Mail a personal cheque
  • Mail a bank cheque
A final payment receipt email will be sent to you.
Manufacturing will commence after we have received your final payment.
Payment is sent to the suppliers in advance. The benefit of this for you, the customer, is two-fold:
  • It enables us to obtain a cash price from the supplier
  • It removes the cost of debt collection and bad debts, the burden of which is always carried by the consumer
The end result is that it saves you thousands.
check order progress at any time
On the my orders and quotes page, in the my orders section click where's my stuff...
If your expected delivery date changes, you will be notified by email.
pre-delivery phonecall on day before delivery
The supplier delivering your shed will give you a courtesy phone call on the working day before the delivery date.
have a representative on-site to accept delivery
It is important to be present (or have a representative present) to accept and sign for the delivery. In signing, you are stating that you have received the goods in an acceptable condition.
In the unlikely situation that there is minor damage, make a note on the delivery form you sign. Our suppliers have agreed that you can contact them directly in these matters.
Once delivered, the shed kit is your responsibility. Be sure to secure the materials and/or the site.
You have seven days during which you can notify the supplier of any material shortages. Be sure to check that all the materials listed in your Bill of Materials are present.
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