privacy policy    
Your right to privacy and data security is a primary concern for us. We will only collect, store and use your personal information where it is necessary for us to do so. We use your information to provide you with the services we offer you. E.g. to provide you with an accurate quote, to process your order, or to provide you with further information about your quote or order.
We take strong measures to safeguard and protect against unauthorized access to your personal information. We use SSL encryption (the same encryption used by banks for online banking), to protect the information about you and your shed designs that is transmitted to us over the public Internet.
We will never sell, lease or give away your personal information, unless we are required to do so by law. To fulfill our obligations with you, it is necessary that we provide certain information to our supplier partners to enable accurate pricing for you. Our supplier partners share our commitment to protecting your privacy and data. At any time you may contact us with regard to issues you may have about your privacy .
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