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Choosing Footing Options for your shed quote
What are the Shed Footing Options? ...
On the next page our Frame Optimiser calculates all the of the bay options available and their approximate cost. It automatically selects the most cost effective frame for your shed kit.
The embedded footing almost always gives the lowest cost frame, but for smaller structures, the cost difference is usually too small to warrant the extra effort involved in construction.
Please note that the embedded footing requires a slab! Reo bar goes through the bottom of the column, attaching to the slab reinforcement steel. (Engineers refer to this as "fixed base" column.)
For smaller structures we recommend you select "Only show me the above ground footing options".
For larger structures (12m span and greater) we recommend you consider selecting "Show me the all available footing options". (Provided you plan to build the structure on a slab).
above ground footing diagram Standard above ground footing. (The column is fixed to a footing bracket that is bolted to the slab).
embedding footing diagram Embedded footing - requires slab (or large pad around column).
You decide
Embedded footings significantly increase the capacity of the portal frame columns, thus reducing the shed kit cost.
Embedded footings are not practical if you do not intend to pour a concrete slab for your shed, or a large concrete pad around each column.
Construction of embedded footings

This involves pouring an initial footing 350mm below the final footing level (see Concrete Block in above diagram).

Reinforcing bars are added to the bottom of the column. The portal frame is fixed to the initial footing. The shed frame is completed and the remainder of the footing is poured.
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