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What roller door type for my shed quote - domestic or industrial
In summary, if your roller door height requirement is 3 metres or less, the domestic roller doors will be your best option. For a stronger door, choose a Series B or Series C door. In cyclonic areas you should consider using a roller door with Windock fitted.

If you need a door height greater than 3 metres, you must use an industrial or commercial roller door.
Is a domestic or industrial roller door most appropriate in my shed design?
 Domestic - Series A/AAIndustrial - Series B or Commercial - Series C
Maximum heightUp to 3mUp to 5.1m
Manual lifting mechanismSpring loaded allowing manual lift from outside or insideChain lift allowing manual lift from inside only (alternative entry point required)
Manual lift available at lower door heights as per domestic doors
Optional electric operatorAvailableAvailable
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