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Building a shed Details of Soil Types
What is my Soil Type?
Our shed kit price includes an engineer certified footing design for soil types A, S or M.
Most soil types are pretty straight forward, as you will see by the descriptions below. In fact, most of Australia has a soil type that is either A, S or M.
If you are unsure as to your soil type, contact your local council and they'll help you. (In fact many councils can tell you this info over the phone).
The cost of your shed kit will not be affected by soil type. However, at some point we must know this information in order to send you the appropriate footing designs.
Following is a very brief description of the basic soil types.
Soil TypeDescription
AMost sand and rock sites
SMost silt and some clay sites
MModerately reactive clay sites
highly reactive clay sites
extremely reactive clay sites
filled sites
Taken from AS 2870.1
Other soil types
Other soil types (which include highly reactive clay soils and filled sites), will need an individually designed footing, based on the precise details of your site.
The cost of your shed kit will not be affected by your soil type, but you may need to incur extra expenses on footing design for severe conditions. You could use your own structural engineer with local knowledge to provide this service. Alternatively, you could engage our consultant structural engineers for this purpose.
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