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Adding windows in your shed quote
Putting windows in your shed design...
When you add windows to your shed design, you have the following chioces...
  • We provide the complete window kit including the actual window, framing and flashing, or
  • We provide the framing and flashing only, and you supply the actual window
    (Because windows are always delivered seperately, the cost of a delivery for only one or two windows can be prohibitive - especially in rural areas.)
To add a window...
Click "Add Window"
Choose the appropriate window size from the list
Tick the boxes, indicating the bays in which this particular window will appear
Click "Add to Shed"
You may repeat this process for a different size window
Note: Windows are very firmly fixed to the shed framing in such a way that they can be located anywhere in the shed walls between any two girts. Diagrams show windows centred in bays at a height just above the second girt, but they can be installed anywhere provided they do not interfere with bracing. Flashing is provided for all 4 sides of the window to give a neat and weatherproof finish.
Our recommendation: Sourcing your windows locally usually proves to be the best option. Very often, good second hand windows are available. Using our strong framing, windows of any size can be used provided the height of the window allows it to fit between the girts.
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