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Adding Roller Doors
Useful info to help you choose appropriate roller doors for your shed...
The Adding Doors and Windows page enables you to add roller doors, 'Personnel Access' doors and windows to your shed. We also provide a scaled 3D drawing to help you visualise how they will look. Below are some points to consider that may help you choose the most appropriate roller doors for your shed.
Roller Door Types
The following table gives a summary of the key differences between the various roller door types. Generally, the deeper the curtain profile and the wider the guide tracks - the stronger the roller door. More product info please...
Roller Door TypeSeries ASeries AASeries BSeries C
 Standard DomesticWide DomesticIndustrialCommerical
Curtain Profile Depth18mm25mm25mm35mm
Guide Track Depth25mm50mm50mm75mm
Maximum Width3430mm5600mm at 2100 H
5100mm at 3000 H
Maximum Height3000mm3000mm5100mm5100mm
Maximum Width3430mm5400mm5100mm5400mm
Windlok AvailablityNot AvailableAvailableAvailableNot Available
Taken from Gliderol product brochures
What is Windlok®?
Windlok is a patented strengthening system that is factory-fitted to the roller door. Many building authorities require Winlok in cyclonic regions. There are support bars across the roller door curtian and a special widened "locking" guide track. more info please...
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