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Welcome to shedsales
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You can add any of the following popular items to enhance your shed.
steel workbench kit
All the materials you need to build a heavy duty steel workbench, together with a comprehensive instruction sheet.
roller door operators
Any roller door can be fitted with an electic operator, complete with remote control handset. Additional handsets can be purchased if required.
light transmitting panels
These fibreglass sheets are used in place of roof sheets to let in natural light. You are allowed up to one sheet per bay.
whirley bird ventilators
These can be fitted to the roof to provide ventilation.
mezzanine floors
We can supply the bearers, joists and posts for mezzanine flooring, together with engineering certification.
Thermal insulation is available either as foil backed fibreglass or Polyair®, a foil covered polythene bubble film.
safety wire netting
We highly recomend the use of the safety wire for installation of roofing.
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