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Welcome to shedsales
design your shed online NOW has your shed kit manufactured and consolidated at a factory that services your area. Regarding the delivery of your shed kit, we give you the choice:
  • arrange for your shed kit to be picked up at the factory yourself, or
  • have your shed kit delivered to your site (a delivery fee will apply)
If you are arranging your own transport we will advise you of the longest approximate weight and the longest components. The longest components are never more than 12.2m to avoid special escorts and permits.
If you want to find out how much it will cost to have your shed kit delivered...
during the online quoting process, on the calculate price step, click the "How much is delivery?" link for general delivery pricing information from the factory manufacturing your shed kit. You can request a specific delivery quote to your site from this page (you will need to provide your specific site location).
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